‘; DROP TABLE Beers; — 

A belgian table beer styled after what I’m told is similar to a Westvleteren Blond. How accurate that is might be left to the reader, but this one’s great. Recipe

Sour Baby Jesus

A beer that went wrong but came out right. Originally supposed to be a clone of Duclaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus, it showed signs of lacto fermentation in primary, but came out clean and without much flavor from the (rather expensive) PB2 peanut butter powder. Confusing, but delicious. Recipe

Gose To 11

Extremely sour. Refreshing. Recipe


My summer queltching beer. I took the same cream ale recipe that I made last summer and tweaked it to use rice instead of corn and added some extra hops. No longer a thin watery beer, but more like a session pale. Awesome. Recipe


Don’t cask, Don’t tell

A nice English bitter made for the working man. To be served on a poor man’s cask engine! Recipe

Next Up

Kilt Remover 2017

It’s time to resurrect the kilty. I’m likely to sub out some of the base malt for DME in tradition with the original recipe. I think it’s going to come out great. Recipe